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The greatest risk of all

Taking the greatest risk of all
to put myself in the hands of being
into the arms of the beloved

Beyond all worries, all doubts, all uncertainties
there lies this open field
of joy and love

After lifetimes looking for answers
my eyes are wide open
suddenly seeing what was always there
the beauty, the abundance

Everything becomes quiet
and then starts moving again

Birds are singing their song
the wind brings the trees to life
while at the same time
the silence keeps undisturbed

For lifetimes I was convinced
that I should work hard
should understand more
needed to achieve something
go somewhere

Now I am sitting here
experiencing the quietness of love
arrived in the here and now
witnessing the deep joy inside

What is this quiet love?
I expected it to be
ecstatic, wild, exuberant
lots of fireworks
with trumpets and bells

All the time I was waiting for myself
and at the same time
someone out there was waiting for me
now that the two have joined
I finally arrived

My stillness the stillness of it all
my dark night the night of being
my eyes the eyes of the beloved

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